Tuesday, March 22, 2011

After a long comedy of errors...

This all started several months ago when I submitted many photos, actually and virtually, a long letter, and the gift of one of my mirrors to who I thought was still the editor of Somerset Publications, Jenny Doh.  I was following the directions on the submissions page.  After a few weeks of not hearing back, I did some probing and I found out that Jenny had left the company.  The package was address to her at the company.  So I emailed the company to inquire as to where my things might be.  I had spent quite a bit of time and money on these things.  I didn't hear back.  So I waited a couple more months then emailed again.  This time I heard back right away from a lovely woman who said she would look into the matter and respond to me.  She was telling the truth!  A couple of days later she let me know that they had found a mirror with my name on it.  I replied that it was to be a gift to the editor and that I was submitting the photos for consideration.  She emailed me back right away saying that she thought that they had already published a photo of my mirror under the "wrong name"-I use George rather than Hirschberg as my "professional" name.  She didn't say which magazine it was in so I let it go and forgot about it.  Coincidentally, I had made an order with Somerset for some art supplies and pre-order one of each of their upcoming issues of two  magazines.    The package a while but I received it yesterday; it included Somerset Life and Somerset Studio.  I love all of their publications but Life and Home are my favorites.  I was so surprised to see the photo of my mirror in Life!  The photo is unusually taken, in a reflection (pun intended, as I love), but even better because it doesn't reveal my secrets of the mirrors.  I have purposely not put them on my blog, Etsy, or anywhere other than in my and Chick Pick's shops because it's probably the only true original idea I've ever had and they do really well and I love making them. 

I'd like to thank the Academy and Somerset for appreciating my art.  And thank you for looking.


Sunny Skye Creations said...

Hiya Stephanie,
Just came across this in Somerset Life today and thought, I wonder if that is the same person I know from etsy, until I saw my dictionary flower on the back!!
Love it, simply gorgeous!!
Super congrats to you!!
Nicole Eccles

Doojies said...

Hey Nicole, Yes, that's you!!! If I had known it was going to be published I would have given you a shout-out-you know what a big fan I am of yours. So glad you saw it and commented-small world! See ya on Etsy, Stephanie