Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Check in Before OH BOY!

A new acquisition is the fabulous vintage clock/mic trophy and some new hair for Dingus. Quite a bargain for both.
I've been working on my little shop and things to go in it ramping up to The Pink Cabbage's Funky Flea that's next weekend. I want to have plenty of goodies to offer the customers while I'm romping in Texas.
So this is my last Maryland post until after I get to Texas for my 35th high school reunion!!!!
So here are some of latest photos. Actually I went in today and it looks a little different, fuller, but still (I think) cute.
Can you figure out what anything is? Well, it's a lot of things that people need to purchase to make their lives wonderful.
Here's the ostrich egg that I got in Richmond...did I mention it? Anyhoosville, I got a great stand and love the way it's turned out.


Jennifer P. said...

So, I got your email and when I clicked to move it from my junk to my inbox, it disappeared....

You'll have to try again :)

Gina2424 said...

Lovely stuff! I bought some of it at The Fancy Flea!