Friday, July 8, 2011

A Good Plan

I had a great idea...finally! On July 4th I suggested that we go to the mall which is right across the street from the lake where the fireworks are. Go to the mall early and see movies which we've been wanting to see. Then we could eat dinner and walk over to see the fireworks. Otherwise we would have to go almost as early to find a parking space or end up watching them, as every year, from afar. I HAD AN IDEA EVERYONE LOVED. Historical. So I went to see Larry Crowne. Loved it. They should make most movies like that. No bad language, no violence, and very entertaining. We had recently watched Knight and Day on cable and I couldn't believe the gratuitous cussing-rediculous. And it was a pretty good story and movie and could have been PG if they had wanted to. Couldn't they make more money that way? Even PG-13, but I got so tired of hearing it; it was interfering with the regular dialog. Movies should be like Larry Crowne. Soap box, down. Matt and Paul saw Transformers. Matt had seen it but wanted to see it again with his dad; not my cuppa tea. However, my movie got out 45 minutes before theirs so I snuck in and watched a lot of it. It was okay except when we got up to go afterwards I suddenly felt something soaked through to my skin on my rear end. How I didn't feel it at the time I have no idea because it went through my pants and undies to my skin. Eeeeewwww. Of course, the first thing I thought, after ewe, was new shorts! And, yes, the mall was closed. So I had to live with it through another 1 1/2 hour as a sacrifice to see the fire crackers. Other than that it was great for all!
The fireworks were much nicer that these cheesy photos I took. I just wanted some sort of record but my camera is old and doesn't adjust well to different lighting. Sound familiar?

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