Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Could Have Written That

I have been reading a lot lately. I usually read a lot but there are times when I take breaks and just read magazines. But this has been one right after the other for nearly a year. My mother, of all people, told me about the above book. That sounds kinda mean but my mom doesn't usually read much anymore and is not...mmm...highly enlightened. I'm going to start this tonight. My mom said it will explain a lot about why I still love where I grew up so much. That hooked me! I'm considered by "some" to be a "little nutty" about it. Tough. I can tell you exactly where to look on Google Earth for you to see where my Heaven on Earth is. It's been most of my life and I don't think it's going to change. I don't read a lot of non-fiction, unless, Miz Juney does, but this has me intrigued. Just finished this. I love Anne Lamott. This is another great book from her, but, spoiler-it's a bit dark-not depressing but not many chuckles and no gut-busters in this one. Raw emotions. I like reading books with some meat to them, not too much fluff, formula books-this is the ticket. But, after this one I'm ready for a change of subject. We are getting ready to go to Boothbay, Maine for our vacation and I think it'll be fun to be reading about traveling while traveling. I have to share a line from the book: "...he volunteered that every morning when he took his psychiatric medication, he knew he'd done his community service for the day.". Amen and your welcome. So, I'm inviting all of y'all, once again, to join me on Good Reads. I love working the list on the site of all the books I've ever read. But I also want to see what my friends are reading other than just stalk the info on their blogs. Come along with me!!!!

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