Monday, August 8, 2011

Just as good as going to church?

I started collecting these...umm...cheesy Jesus icons a few years ago. I have several in my dining room. Once a person starts a collection, you either sell it or keep collecting. They may seem sacrilegious but I think they are sweet in their tackiness. This one I got from Rita at our Ice Cream social on Saturday at The Pink Cabbage. Just like two others I have, this has some 3-D elements to it which makes it even better!
This is, I think, my favorite because it is the most "sacrilegious". Seemingly. I think that anything that causes a person to stop and ponder our Lord is not sacrilegious but, tacky, yes. I have several collections; fewer than you might think, probably more than I think; but I love them and most of them are heirloom-related or include heirloom items. Anyone need help with justification? I'm your woman!

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Linda said...

I love these!!! I totally agree!