Monday, February 13, 2012

Make it stop...please!

If you haven't found a certain new place on the internet where wonderful photos are posted, don't go there. I thought I needed a facebook intervention but this is perhaps worse. Or maybe it's just that this is how I was when fb started to bloom for me in the beginning.
I'm not so sure that infinite possibilities is not the answer. Especially when the looking keeps one from doing. I shall be in a position soon where I will have to win the Powerball and pay someone to make all these things for me that I want. (A few are already made, I just need to acquire them...mmm.)
This is pretty darn ambitious but I seriously want to do this and I believe it's doable just would take a while.
Excuse my French but really.
I'm not ashamed to admit (and my husband doesn't read my blog) that I'd give a kidney or shave off a couple of years of life for a weekend with JD. Seriously a little obsessed for at least 20 years now.
And then there are the pics that lead to buying things. I've been doing a little more "retail therapy" than usual recently even though I do need it, I don't actually need anything, nothing more.
And then there's the simple beauty of eye candy. This one is Jen O'Conner's from childhood. I hope it's okay I "borrowed" from you, Jen. I'm pretty sure that between Pintrest and blogs I'm going to spend some time in the pokey. I hope they have wifi there.

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