Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mary, may I?

Oh Mother Mary, I am so not full of grace.  Not even a little.  When I started this post three hours ago it was going to be pretty much solely about Pinterest, my latest down falling.  But the new (as of this very morning) doorbell rang and the Enterprise guy was picking me up...just as they advertise.  So I dropped him off.  Then things went off track.  There were many post topics going through my mind as I worked my mini spinout.   As I left a troubled spot, caring a heavyish set of drawers out of the door, the woman ahead of me walked out and let the door shut on me.  When she heard me say (louder, obviously than I intended), "Oh, hell no.", she immediately turned back, apologized profusely, and opened the door for me.  Craaaap (Reba).  Then she complimented me on my keen taste.  Craaap.  See, sometimes I get so pissed off that,  not only don't I live in Texas but, I live in one of the most unfriendly places in the U.S.  I'm saying this fully aware that the lion's share of my handful of readers are my sweet peeps from here.  Please don't take offense, my dear friends.  We all know that this area is known as a "city of strangers" meaning that, while you can find fab friends as I have been blessed to, if you don't know someone you don't speak, nod, and NEVER make eye contact.  If you accidentally make eye contact, look away asap to make amends.  Soooooo, the point?  Do I have to have one?  I shall not toy with my shrinking audience...I tend to jump to negative conclusions about people when I'm on auto-pilot comparison-with-Texans mode.  But Karma is pretty good about kicking my ass quickly when I slip; usually within minutes, just as in this most recent case. 
Okay, I know blog readers.  Posts should not be longer than a potty sitting.  We have other blogs to get to or, in my case, back to Pinterest before I miss that next great pin-oy.  That will lead to another post here because this one is going past my readers' attention.  No offense, again.  Y'all have always been patient with me unlike my family who likes my stories to be in haiku form.  My usual stories can barely squeeze into a yellow pages book size area.
Okay, well I was going to talk about my shrink and my intervention needs but I shan't push it this time around.  Funny from Pinterest above.  Also, quickly, if you haven't seen my post on FB, a light, oh so funny author (I find akin to Miz Juney but perhaps even more prolific, if possible, and she gets paid...and so should Miz Juney), Celia Riverbark.  She is a riot.  You can pick up any one of her books anywhere and get a buzz of giggles.  She was apparently a columnist who published her articles.  She's the kind who can make the sad truth hilarious (like Anne LaMott only with Marshmallow Fluff).

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Julia said...

wuv you.
and noone is more prolific than you.

xoxo, julia