Sunday, January 6, 2013

This year.

 Okay, last spring I decided to make a big decision, to go back to school and finish my degree.  I went to college at the usual age but left for my Mrs. degree.  That's all I really ever wanted was to be, a wife and mother.  Who knew, way back when, that there was an expiration date on that ambition?  Okay, most folks, but not me.  I still have an-almost 16 year old at home but, after over 30 years of doing the wifey thing I've been having a mid-life crisis over what's next.  I've always wanted to be an official Aggie (I was born and raised there, breastfed in Kyle Field, bleed maroon, and have been an unofficial Aggie my whole life); get the degree, have the ring.  So I decided after 12 years of hiking uphill (but enjoyably so) trying to make a business of my art making, that going back to school was the answer.  Wrong.  Deja vu all over again.  I am not academic, never have been, I'm guessing I never will be.  I'm not destined to be one of those remarkable 60 year olds who walks across the stage, and, in my dreams, gets my ring on ring day inside the giant ring at Texas A&M University.  
After having a fabulous holiday season (my childhood family in Oregon at Thanksgiving and with my children at home for Christmas), you know if you have read my previous post, that the only cure for holiday hangover is to start checking Pinterest, magazines, my saved inspiration photos, and get my creative juices going and my head deep into paper and glue.  So far it has worked!  I sometimes get discouraged for, although the customers at our shop love looking at my creations, they are a little too conservative to actually understand what to do with them.  I think there's still a little mentality that hand-crafted means homemade which competes with Made in China as a real deal.  Plus, who can complete with China in price?  I would never even consider charging for my time; I just try to break even on supplies and keep my prices low.  Don't take any of this as resentment; the satisfaction of making something that appeals to at least me is priceless.  And being part of a group of women at The Pink Cabbage is wonderful.  Lots of creative women with a shared passion of offering unique items for our customers.  And, overall, we are very successful.
So, no school for me although, despite my aversion, I did well.  Maybe an art workshop in the future.  Definitely lots of paper and glue in my nearest future.  Until I finally get to trade our too-big house for a smaller cottage that would just make my year and certainly keep me busy in the best way.  But that's another dream for now...

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Julia said...

As one who also quit school to get married (uh, that didn't work out) and returned to school several times over the years, I totally understand where you are. Raising my kids was my life work. Not all who are intelligent have a college degree. Not all who have a college degree are intelligent.

Stay in the moment and be content and at peace with who you are...God's child.

xoxo, Julia