Thursday, July 11, 2013

Best jewelry ever

I've waited my whole life to get an Aggie ring. I went back to school last year just to get enough credits to transfer to Texas A&M University so that I could carry on the tradition of my daddy's of having an Aggie ring. Then a few months ago, my brother and sister from another mother and father told me about Aggie sweetheart rings. If someone graduated 1978 or before one could order an exact replica of their Aggie ring (men) for their wives or mothers. My daddy never got one for my mama; they couldn't afford it when he was in school there. So I looked into it and sure enough I could order one posthumously. And I received it last month. It is like a new woman's Aggie ring only instead of Texas A&M University it says Texas College of A&M because that was the name of the school when my daddy graduated the first (and second) time. It has '51 on it, the year of his first degree and has his name inscribed inside, Carl W. George. For those of you who don't understand the significance of an Aggie ring and want to know, here's the link to find out about it: I'm eternally thankful that my daddy did all the work so that I could have this. Part of the tradition is that on one is supposed to wear the ring except the person who earned it. That means that I can't even wear my daddy's on a chain around my neck. This is a wonderful way that I can honor my daddy and the college he (and I still) loved so much.

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