Sunday, February 25, 2007

If God wanted Texans to ski He would have made bullshit white...

Raise your hand if you've got cabin fever. Not you in North Dakota, you others. Because I stole Janine's Suburban while she was in the hospital, Paul and I got to go dig her daughter, Heidi, out of the snow today. Well, that's not why we had to dig her out, our consciences made us but it was kind of fun being the macho rescuers for once. The truck, us, and the kitty litter saved the day (Paul said I just gave orders, but I'm so good at it). Paul calls Janine's Suburban the "Global Warmer". He thinks I'm a hypocrit because I love it so. He's emailing his senator right now-wants to pass a bill making it illegal for liberals to purchase American made trucks. I can't help it, it's the Texun in me.
So, coming home from such manly doings I had to take some party pics of some of the girly things I ponder on and enjoy while I'm sequestered and not out saving lives. I still don't have this stupid picture thing down so I'll just describe in general. The chandelier pic is of my dining room ceiling where we just installed the trompe loi sky light from the nursery we decorated for Longwood Show House year before last. We had taken it to the DC Big Flea, Janine had it in our spot in Frederick then we took it to Fredericksburg and we still hadn't found anyone with enough taste to realize what a fabulous opportunity they were passing up. I could no longer be benevolent and keep this beauty in public circulation so I put it as the medallion for my chandelier in the dining room. I love it! I had offered it to Janine many times, but she changes houses more often than underwear she couldn't commit.
This bowl is one my sis sent me before moving to Oregon. It was made by a friend of hers (her ex-non husband shared a studio in Carmel with him), Duncan Todd, a pretty famous potter who passed away a few years ago. If you notice in old issues of Country Living and Country Home, Home Companion, you see his work here and there. Anyway, I always loved this piece (I have one of his tea pots as well) and my sis gave it to me when downsizing to Oregon. It's filled with one of my collage pieces, a bird's nest that Mellie gave me (that she got at the cottage in Leesburg), and one of Janine's world famous moss balls. Bet you did know moss had balls and so big...
On the other table sits one of Janine's world famous bird houses. She collaged it in architectural book pages then roofed it with said book. Also on the table is a fab antique, robin's egg blue, toy cash register that Janine gave me from one of her world famous garage sale outings and I made it into a lamp.
The other picture is just of a standing lamp I put together in the last couple of days. I got the antique base at PJ's and had to rig it with lamping thingings. Because the cord was exposed it needed a slip which I fashioned from cream and salmon checked linen. I added a beautiful flower assemblage with a ribbon made of the same check to the lamp shade and, ta-da, I thought it looks pretty darn cute.
Okay back to finishing the unfinished...until the next blah, blah, blogging, can you say loopy? Have a blessed life!

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Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Oh, I bow to your house and all that is in it!!! I love that lamp--and finally, a home for your pretty sky! I can't wait to see it in person on Saturday!!! xo-Mellie