Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Great Old Days

Last Tuesday I spent six hours with my and my dad's favorite cousin, Carol, in Westminster going through family photos, scrapbooks, and memorablilia. What fun we had! My head was swimming on the way home. So many great stories and photos to go with them. This photo is one of many from my dad and Carol's Aunt Sidney who was in the theater and started out at Texas Tech. She took groups to theaters for many years and this is one of those groups ready to go get cultured. I would have loved this picture even if I didn't know who any of these folks were. These are the kind of photos I've been adopting for years. But how cool is it to have one like this and it has personal, sentimental meaning? Very. I love looking at these pictures and imagining how their lives were simpler, cleaner, more decent, innocent in a relative way. And, to me, they are like the butterfly flapping its wings in the Rain Forest~Aunt Sidney could not have imagined that some ditz three generations away would get such a thrill out of having this piece of her history. But thrilled I am! As inspired by our Hope Wallace at lunch last week, I came home and immediately made this my computer screen wallpaper. Not quite as cool as hers with the great border and such but I'm getting there. Stop and take some time to look at some old pictures today.


Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Oh, I love this picture and the story behind it! You're lucky!!! xo-Mellie

shelleyo said...

How fun to find your blog! I'm from Brenham, TX and now live in Maryland too (Annapolis). Mira, mira is such a part of my Texas lexicon (Texicon?) and was so much fun to read in your entry. Visit my blog when you get a chance - Love your artwork, and your home decor pieces!