Thursday, March 15, 2007

Here's one of my latest and funnest piece I've done in a while. It started out as a red antique Welsh clock case. I added one of the little dolls, Molly, I like to put together and she's taking a ride on a wonderful Boston Terrier. Molly's ready for anything with her umbrella and package of flowers for her good friend, Lolly, who's been a little under the weather lately. Up top is a framed piece of one of Basic Grey's fab new papers with a little 3-D flowers and antiuqe photo. Topped off is a silk ribbon and a tag that came on one of my recent prizes from Character Constructions. It wasn't even an official prize, it was the tag on one of the rolls of paper I purchased. Bonus!!
Some new party pics from our Frederick location at Emporium Antiques. After quite a dry spell of us neglecting the space we have averaging a couple of trips a week there to spiff things up and keep it fresh and exciting~and boy is it! I highly recommend checking it out in person. Frederick is a very cool town with no shortage of fab places to shop and eat. It's a great girlfriends' field trip.

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Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Oh my gosh!!! I need to get to Frederick now--it's only 10:30 p.m. --do you think the Emporium is still open???? It looks amazing! And your little Molly clock case is so sweet!!! xo-Mellie