Thursday, March 22, 2007

PJ's and Pink Cabbage

I can't believe it's been a week since I've blogged. I've been busy eBaying and cleaning and organizing my tiny studio room. That will be my next posting, party pics of a very temporary situation which I will want to well document for posterity. I'm a naturally organized person but when it comes to the creative/artistic side I've had a bad mix with staying organized and "collecting" to put it nicely. I've got way too much stuff for that tiny room. I purge frequently and repremand myself when I do but then here comes Foo-fa-la and Basic Grey with their pretty new papers and snap goes my rational thin thread. Anyhoooo, until that task is complete (I've spent at least 10 hours on it just this week~I mean it was BAD) this is what inspired my to blog. PJ's and Pink Cabbage.
No, it's not a sleep~over for pink bunnies. PJ's is the antiques shop that fab friends, Paul and Julie own (hence the P and J)~near the corner of St. John's Lane and Frederick Road in Ellicott City. And the Pink Cabbage is another great shop that Julie is part of as well as a few of the Historic Oella Mill alumni which is located on Route 144 (Frederick Road), west of Ellicott City~I guess technically it's West Friendship?
The painting at the top is from Jodie of From the Heart and ring~leader of the Pink Cabbage. The studdly dude lamp is from Jodie's cousin's(sorry, I keep forgetting her name) collection also at the PC. The sweet doggie planter above is from Brenda of Appaloosa, yep, also PC.
Victor con Torro, another studdly lamp, came from PJ's. It's typical of the surprising, unique, fun things you can find there.
Above and below are also from PJ's. I just got them this week and I think that's where my inspiration started with wanting to do a shout-out post for them. Is this not the PERFECT furniture for my front porch? And lest I forget to mention this important tidbit, their prices are rediculously low~cherry turnover is their middle name. They get a lot of "you snooze, you loose", non-buyer regretters there. It's where a lot of us dealers shop.
Below is a wonderful antique plant stand I got at, yes, PJ's~and the fab fireplace mantel is from there also.
Seriously, they should be paying me but they're not. Below is one of many great cabinets that I've gotten from them and have loved having for my collectibles. Here you can see that I have loaded this one with faves like one of Janine/Nene/No.5's book birdhouses and one of Amy Powers/Inspire Company's manequins, and, if you look at the middle shelf on the left there is a little red wooden heart framed in a little grapevine wreath that my great friend, Julia, from since junior high made for me over 20 years ago. Like I said, lots o' faves.
Below left is an antique window I got from PJ's a few years ago. I've got a photo of my dad as a child on his horse taped to the back side to use as a frame. The frame is chocked full of character and memories.
And, last but not least, my most recent aquisition, the flower ball and beaded tassel from the Pink Cabbage. Don't forget that if you find these fab items but you're not sure how to make them look fab in your home you can call Nene and I and we can pull it all together for you in a couple of cheap hours!

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Courtney, Valori and Aaron said...

Oh dang, I am soooooo jealous! I'm so wanting garden and patio furniture and looking in all the wrong places. You got the good stuff! Congrats! Maybe I'll be the lucky duck, 'cause of being the sister of a lucky duck.


Your Loving Sis (the one lacking fab garden furniture)