Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Good Living on the East Coast

If you know me, I tend to complain frequently about living on the East Coast. It's crowded, way fast-paced, and not too friendly. My solution to this dilema is having great friends and art and...here it is...D.C. Baltimore is a totally cool town too but, come on, The Most Powerful City in the World, that's heady stuff even for us little suburban folk.
There are days and days worth of fabulous museums, all those...you know...important buildings, the annual National Symphony Orchestra Show House, the National zoo, the memorials (some, I don't get), marches, and then there is TODAY.
It was reported that yesterday and the day before was the peak. We couldn't make it either of those days but this being spring break for Matt, we could go today. It was still peak. Just enough wind to have some "snow" showers of petals without worrying that the blossoms would disappear too soon.
We are supposed to get a cold front through this week so the wind will have its way with those blossoms and they'll be gone 'til next year. We hadn't been to see the blossoms since Matt was in a stroller. You know how locals take these things for granted, our bad. It is too beautiful to be able to get anywhere near capturing it in photos but this is our attempt.
Y'all southern and western weiners should consider this in your travel plans next year. Until then all we have is too much great stuff to do in less than a week...

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