Monday, April 2, 2007

Spring Crafts Fair Benefits Youth Group

Above is on of my new marriages. A really old chippy table base that I washed up and sealed really well then topped it with a new repro chalkboard (supposed to be a wall hanging, but you know me...) with a working clock on the top. Very Paris Flea Market. So far, they are very happily married-I think it's meant to be. Speaking of the Paris Flea Market, I've gotten several email q's after my post so I shall be following up soon with mo' info. Until then click on "the cottage" link on the right side of my blog and check out their website and blog to find out more. To the left is Mellie's (Little Melfie's Studio) table that was so yummy I coulda eaten it all, thankfully they had good real foody treats to go with the yummy artwork.
This last Saturday we did a little spring crafts fair for the youth group at St. John's Episcopal Church in Ellicott City. We had forgotten how hard it is to do a one-day show but we met some cool new people, ate lots 'o homemade goodies, bought from each other, and still had time to a have a good ol' chat-fest.

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