Thursday, May 10, 2007

Still Life...Your Life as Art

When I brought home this painting from Nene's it put me in the mood for a still life. I recently purchased the wonderful nest from Lucy and Ethel's at Savage Mill. This nest's got it all. There's, well, the nest, then beautiful soft pastel silk flowers, berries, leaves then wonderful robin's egg blue (dur) eggs. I think it's the prettiest faux nest I've seen so far and I've got a lot of nests.
At the Paris Flea Market I purchased the Stacey Bear button card from Amy/Inspire Company. It's got my same fave
colors of r.e. blue and pink buttons. I got the antique fishing
reel came from Emporium Antiques, because, well, my color
is there and a little pop of yellow on the handle. It reminds
me of all the times my Daddy and I fished on the little lake on our farm in Texas while I was growing up.
All the things I use as "decoration" in our home
have some kind of meaning especially the
heirlooms, none of which are
n drawers much less boxes, they are out.

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oldflowers4me said...

oh my, your birds nest is beautiful- hop skip and jump . lovejo...