Monday, May 7, 2007

Yeah, Come See Me On Etsy!!!!!

Yippie! After only badgering me for the 300th time I finally took Hope and Mellie's advice from yesterday and posted my art for sale on Etsy! I guess I have to be drug(ged) into the 21st century and get over that mom-and-pop-come-and-shop-where-we-know-your-name mentality and get rational. It seems that the face to face sale is so last century. People want to make anonymous purchases, forget meeting the artist~most the time he's a 5 year old in China anyway. I'm hoping the thrill of scanning the bar code yourself will wear off eventually and we might get people back out into a kinder, gentler world. BUENOS SUERTE WITH THAT! Oooooooooo, I knew I shouldn't post today even thought it's really tomorrow now, by over an hour~there's been no sleep break transition between Sunday and Monday yet so I'm still having my grouchy hangover from the show at Savage Mill yesterday. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...I did the world a favor and stayed in bed as long as I could until almost noon but then I had to rear my ugly head and unload from the car VERY NEARLY everything that I had loaded in there for the show (hint, it's not supposed to follow me back home). High from the confidence booster of the great weekend at the cottage Paris Flea Market led me down a glitter laden path skipping into what I thought was going to be a string of newly re-found interest and another perfect venue for our art. We DID receive very many compliments, but, believe it or not, that's not the entire reason for being creative or alone allows perpetuation of such creativity. Artists are supported by patrons not compliments. The compliments, while fabulously wonderful, don't help perpetuate our business. That's another reason that artists are poor is because we realize that support through purchases is what keeps a favorite artist going so we purchase from other artist to support them. Many times it goes both ways so it can be a wash but breaking even's not what we are looking for, that doesn't begin to pay the up-front investment of overhead booth fees, hotel rooms, meals, etc. But I'm not one to get discouraged for too long. I had a small, intimate pity party this morning then quickly plotted a new course. Hey, life gives me lemons, I use Mike's Hard Lemonade to help wash down the Twinkies and pills and get back on my horse and go. And went, I did, to Etsy. The link to my wares is on the right, just put a few things on since I didn't get started on it until almost midnight but I shall be adding more soon. I promise I shan't post again until I'm no longer at least this grouchy. I do want to share pictures of mine and Mellie's set ups from the Art Asylum although many didn't turn out very well, I got some but I forgot to get one of Mellie and Hope together and I'm quite remorsful about that. Anyhoooooo, negativity aside, the positive is that there do seem to be endless options out there and I've been hearing good reports about Etsy. Soooooooooo, check it out! Have a blessed day! I promise you, Joyce Meyer, that I'll try for the "it's not what happens to you but your reactions to what happens to you" attitude for tomorrow.

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Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Everything looks fabulous Stephanie!! As always, of course! xo-Mellie