Friday, June 15, 2007

Grits from the Dirty South

My mother asks me if having a blog isn't a little self-indulgent...durrrrr. My husband says there's more information here that even he wants to know about me. My mother thinks that the internet is all porn and identity theft. My husband has to use a computer for work all day. This is the epitome of what I love about the internet. I would never have gotten to meet Shelley (Gypsy Wagon) were it not for the internet and/or mine and/or Amy's blogs. If you read Shelley's blog you'll see in the comments that she and I have had many parallels and so many things in common that it amazes me. Nene and I had gotten to meet Shelley and her hubby, John, when they came to Nene's sale but since I recently discovered yet another connection with Shelley I immediately called for more in-person time. So, today we got to meet up at Starbuck's. Soul sisters...girls raised in the south but we're from the DIRTY SOUTH. There's a strong common thread that we are connected by; we understand each other's humor, we are, well fire up The Ya-Ya Sisterhood DVD, we are loyal and fierce friends (you too, Fran, in the dentist's chair instead of Starbuck's today). No restraining orders needed here! And we already have an over-night field trip scheduled in July to Northern Virginia. Watch our hickory smoke go!!!!!


shelleyroneill said...

You know what we say in Brenham when we're excited about something?

"Git in the car, Momma! We're goin' to Walmart!"

That's how I feel about our upcoming adventure. Thanks for the chat time, girls - great way to kick start the weekend!

Hope said...

How fun!!

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Look at you pretty gals!!! Great haircut, Janine! xo-Mellie