Tuesday, June 12, 2007

There's Hope!!!

Okay, I didn't get the point of The Road. I didn't realize what I was supposed to get from it until Oprah did the follow up on it with the author then they explained that the book was supposed to make you think about what things are really important and necessary in life-ewe. I get pretty close to that on a fairly regular basis but waiting for the end of the world and then being happy with piles of ashes and...? It's not for the roller-coaster minded folk like me. Deep for sure but also quite dark. But this CD is one of Oprah's classically good picks. Casually, in a relaxed manner, considering at all times the blessings of your life, get your ass to http://www.amazon.com/ or Borders, etc. and get this CD asap!!!! It is the perfect combo of perspective and reflection in very uplifting, soothing music. Don't miss out...p.s. I had forgotten to mention that track #6 should be all our mantras...

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