Wednesday, September 26, 2007

...with liberty and justice for all? Nope.

It was all I could do to wait for part two of this story before blogging and sending a letter to the editor of the newspaper. If you can't read it as is, my bff, Julia, let me in on a on the "picture" and it will enlarge. I'm assuming and hoping it works here. "We think it's absolutely unjust.", the public defenders' office comments. Ya think? Heinous, insane, ummmmm, someone please, we need more adjectives for some actions occurring in this world lately. Unbelievable. Just like Jena 6. It reminds me of the judge who wouldn't let the woman have the restraining order against her husband then he doused her with gasoline and set her on fire. That judge couldn't be bothered either. How are these "people" allowed to be judges? There are too many incredulous questions for me to ask . Please just read and allow me to make suggestions on how to help this young man. I was so hoping and praying that part two would be about how the ACLU or someone stepped in, got him out, straightened it all out, or that I woke up and it had been a bad dream. Alas, no.
Next I shall write my letter to the editor. I very much appreciate Mr. Olesker's work and The Baltimore Examiner's printing of this information bringing this unreal situation to the light of day. If you feel so moved, please do the same.

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