Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Doojies' Giant Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza!!!!

Well working for Deb at http://www.bayberrycove.com/ has taken the Grinch right outta me! I don't usually get into decorating for Christmas. I only do it for the 10 year old. And I've been using the same &*^%$ decorations for many years. All the poo poo left over that my mom didn't want anymore. Then when we first moved here Paul was real thrilled with the dough ornaments at the mall so he's gotten several every year plus his dad buys, every year, those U.S. Mint coins that come out decorated in brass snowflakes. So we have this great combo of dough and (as Deb said the other day) dough. The decorating Nazi doesn't cotton to it much. Last year I insisted that I alone would decorate the tree so I made cool clock face ornaments and used all the great antique ornaments from Paul's family...it looked great. But until a couple of weeks ago I had forgotten what deal I had made to get that privilege, yep, they get to do the tree this year. And here it is the 11th and still no tree. Soooooooooooooo, I've been working as fast as I can to get my new wonderful Bayberry Cove and my Silver Bella project goodies out and hopefully so many that they will distract from the tree. Soooooooooooo, Deb's generosity (I can't divulge company secrets) has been contagious 'cause I decided to have a giveaway. And not just one but TWO. Here's item number one, above, the Winter Wish. At first I was going to take bets on whether or not I'd make it home from this job with ANY money in my pockets but I knew that was just too easy. So I decided that all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog before December 20th and I'll put all the names in a hat and have an unbiased party choose. If you do not swallow your tongue and/or have smoke blowin' all the way up your skirt then please leave your entry for someone else who'd give their left nut for one of these.
Here's number two. I don't usually do seasonal decorating, if I like something I put it out all year. In fact I didn't realize that the Winter Wish said Winter Wish until after I got it home and unwrapped it. I just saw that it was pink and sparkly just like the little box chick above.
And while I have you here, below is a little sneak peak at just two of my many new items I've listed on Etsy, check it out at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=26667 . Especially you Bellas who were so disappointed when I sold out of my collage necklaces before you had the chance to purchase...new ones here!
I'll be back next week. I had the day off today 'cause I had to take Matt to the doctor with a sinus infection, then fill the RX, then by the time I got to Falls Church I'da had to turn around and come back to I'm back at it tomorrow. Buenos suerte!


ArtsyMama said...

My goodness...what an amazing giveaway. Please put my name in the hat. Lucky #1!!

Anonymous said...

I do not need to be in the give away...I just wanted to tell you that I missed you today and I laughed out loud when reading of the dough ornaments! XXOO Deb (BayberryCove)

Linda said...

Hi Stephanie! Aren't you the sweetest! Please remember this Texas girl when drawing time comes.

Julia said...

Well, obviously, if I had nuts, I would give the left and right one to win this adorable stuff. I would never ask you to cheat but do whatever it takes to make sure I get one. "wink,wink"

Besides your sister and mother, I HAVE known you longer and that must count for something.

Seriously....I have love getting to know you again through this blog. You are incredibly smart and funny and beautiful.....and I wish we lived down the street from each other.

Love, Julia

PS....have you checked out my blog lately to see the most adorable apron in the world?

Dana said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I would love to be entered for the drawing:) I'm trying to get out of Grinch mode myself! I love holiday decorations, but hubby isn't thrilled with them!
He's got a late December birthday, and feels slighted;)

Thanks again for the nice offer!


Pamela Jane said...

Hi Stephanie! Somehow the chain of introduction didn't work for us at SB. Although we live nearby, I've still to meet you. I know what to do! When I win one of your delicious giveaways, we can exchange it in person! Yay!

Doojie said...

Julia, You are a shameless suck up! I think you played almost every card in your hand, including seniority! I did read your blog, so glad you like the apron, I have one too so we can continue to be twinsies. All my love, Stephanie

Marcie said...

I hope I win
I hope I win
I hope I win
I hope I win
I hope I win
I hope I win
I hope I win
I hope I win
I hope I win
I hope I win
I hope I win
I hope I win

beth said...

please count me in stephanie !!! what an awesome giveaway - and come by my blog and say hi !! i am also doing a giveaway !!

Anonymous said...

Gawd I luv you and your humor! Wish I could have spent more time with you and your lovely mum! What a hoot to finally meet you at Silver Bella! I look forward to winning one of your fabulous offerings. Oh, and girl I did not walk over but ran to your etsy shop to scoop up some of your lovely collage necklaces!

Julie G. Baxley

shelleyroneill said...

Oooh - pick me! Pick me! Love the pic that Elizabeth Holcombe has up on her blog - I suspect you're having a little too much fun!
As for the dough (and dough) ornaments. Ugh - that's the opposite of eye candy. Eye sore, maybe?
So glad you're getting to play at Bayberry cove. Let's get together in January!

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

OK--we're five minutes away from each other--pick my name and let me buy the coffee and sweets when you drop off my prize!!! I owe you a fat e-mail-heck, I'll buy the coffee and sweets without winning a prize... When are you free??? xo-Mellie

Anonymous said...

You're not the only scrouge this year! No decorations here either...bah, humbug! But, these would look lovely on my mantle...if just for me to look at. Cheers to you.

Gurnee, IL

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Oh heck yeah, I'll enter the give away, especially since you said we don't have to praise you all that much no matter how much I REALLY want to---You already know how wonderful you are!~~XXOO, Beth (your fellow worker bee at "the Cove".) www.elizabethholcombe.typepad.com

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Hi Stephanie!!!
What a wonderful giveaway!!!!! I would have been in heaven with all of the goodies at Bayberry Cove! Her website is amazing.... she has all the BEST things!!!!

YOU have some pretty amazing things too! I am off to check out your etsy shop!

:) Heather

Michele said...

I don't want to be left out of this one!!!! It sounds like you have the best of all jobs...except mine, I get to make lattes all day long!!!! I saw you from afar at Silver Bella, so many gals to meet, so little time. Best holiday wishes to you and yours.

Scrappy Jessi said...

so jealous that you get to work over there. how fun that would be!
love the give aways! awesome stuff.
jessi nagy

CalicoDaisy said...

Please put me in your drawing. I love the whimsical art you do and glad I found my way to your site.
-- Michele http://calicodaisy.blogspot.com/

Pamela said...

Please count me in for the drawing...love the birds on the box...so cute. My two birdies, Reckless and Jesse would love to sit and look at this little box. Thanks. Pamela