Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Since then...

I got so much inspiration and so many ideas after Silver Bella that I came home and after a few days of non-stop sleep went into the studio and started making. Don't you love the pink Christmas tree I picked up in Omaha? Then I covered it with my anytime clock sachet ornaments.
Christmas collages in photo cabinets with sparkles.
Fab bird meets beautiful cage and lives happily ever after.
Mo ornaments waiting by the tassel that ate Milwaukee.
And mo assemblages and collages out tha wazoo! All stocked and ready for holiday shopping galore!


Beth, a Bayberry Cove worker bee said...

Stephanie!~~~That tree is 2DIE4!!!! Love love LOVE it!~~~XXOO, Beth

Julia said...

Got my package!!! You are a mind reader.....I love the apron. Read my blog update for more. Don't try to call me or email me, I will be in the kitchen baking and cooking and looking adorable. xoxo, Julia