Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finally...Silver Bella!!!!

Okay turning 50 two days before leaving to drive from Maryland to Omaha in two days should have been the tiniest hint that I wasn't 19 anymore and perhaps this kind of idea was a little lofty for my age. I had only been in two of the seven states we went through so it was all so worth it. I love seeing new places and not from 20,000 feet. But what I hadn't expected was being totally worn to a frazzle by the time we got there. I was completely under rested and overwhelmed the whole time, not at all myself. Could be how I got through Silver Bella and meeting all of these fabulous folks and artists and walked away without a single restraining order. What a beautiful, clean, clean city Omaha is. Mom and I drove in at 5:20 p.m. and as soon as we checked in I found out that the meet and greet was at 6:00 instead of what I thought was 7:00. So I had about 15 minutes to get our things in the room, change clothes, spray the smell of car travel off, and get to the bus to the antiques store. I hadn't driven like a mad woman for two days to miss it so I did it!
Second Chance was where the first event, the meet and greet was held. Closed to the public and open just for the Bellas, we all went crazy. The prices were unbelievable compared to what most of us were used to. I got a big bag of fun make-dos to bring home.
Hardly room to move but just enough to dig and find treasures. So fun.
Then back to the hotel for bar snacks and drinks.
As Amy said we have to go all the way to Omaha to all get together. It had obviously been too long since Mellie and I had spent quality time together.
Fab Pam Garrison...
...I forgot to get my photo with her during class so I interrupted her next class to get one of these "do it yourself" photos.
Charlotte Lyons and me with my art piece I made in her fun!
Hope and Mellie with Maija. Finally getting to meet so many ladies in person who we had previously only know via computer.
More in-person-finally friendships formed.
The big-deal-fancy luncheon, that's fab Tammy Gilley bottom left working on her last-minute swap items.
Rebecca Sower class...
... Rebecca and me... first class of the workshop and all five of us at our table were Texans!!
Jenny and Aaron. Aaron says that's his "normal" face because he played football in high school and that's a permanent psyche-out face that got stuck. They are too cute.
Our wonderful hostess, Teresa. Vendor night was not at all about restraint and here's the proof.
Kim Kwan takes the message all the way home. Creativity gone wild? The whole experience can be summed up with this picture! Glitter hangover has been the well-worn term for the day after Silver Bella 2007. Amen!

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