Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it...

Since I was just recently good about getting started catching up on posting about all the November fun, I thought I'd better explain why I won't be as diligent as I have been the last couple of days. That terrible four-letter "w" word came up yesterday. Yes, Ms. Amy Powers sent an email to me letting me know that Debbie of Bayberry Cove was desperate for helpers to get her holiday orders out for the next couple of weeks. Well, I fell on that sword. I know, same old benevolent me. Can you imagine... getting to see all the glittery goodies, seeing the inter workings of the company, and getting paid on top of all that? I start tomorrow and I can't wait. She lives in Northern Virginia so it's about an hour's hike each way but it's just a couple of weeks and COME ON! So just to keep you interested and baited while I'm on my working retreat, I shall share with you just some of the wonderful, fabulous gifts I was blessed with for my big birthday. Below, an original from Little Melfie with my own photo as a girl incorporated into all the loveliness. I shall not tell who gave every gift so as not to get any jealousies going but I will point out the original art...
It was hard to get this photo but it's a belt that's been bronzed and turned into a candlestick holder!
Julie, Linda, and Louise (Wheezie) put together this party in a can, how cute is that?
A long-desired Sally Jean original charm sent from bff from childhood in Texas (I think/hope, it didn't say but...), shown in my wall vignette above and below close up. I wear it on my J.Jill charm hoop.
Below was made by my college roommate, Stacy. We dressed as 60's Stepford women for Halloween. She dressed the frame to match out look. Yes, that's our pet bong we are stroking in the picture.
"life of kissy" board made by my sis, wow great job putting 50 years together without too many blackmail photos.
Also from my rascally sis, this what-we-think-is a hysterical bumper sticker-ON MY CAR.
Yummy birthday cake perfume from Inspire Company.
My new best friend, Maybell...
...and, at least for now, a gift I got for myself...a tractor seat and wreath of barbed wire from my great-grandparents' farm in Nebraska.
I promise, asap, to get to Silver Bella and the rest of Nebraska. Thank you for your patience.


Julia said...

Yep...the Sally Jean birthday princess was from me.....i was hoping you would get it in time to wear to your party, but it took a little longer...enjoy it all year, every year....we're 50 now, we can do whatever the hell we please.

There is one picture of you on your life board where you look just like Julie Andrews....ever been told that before?

Love, julia

shelleyroneill said...

How you can stand all of that party gifty goodness?? I can't wait to turn 50 if that's what's going to happen for me!

Can't wait to hear the adventures in Bayberry Land. Are you planning on putting any coded notes in the boxes?

Doojie said...

Oh my gawd, so many people said that in one picture I look just like Julie Andrews!!! The one with the 'fro? I think it's my junior year photo. Too funny that you would see that from online! I LOVE my birthday princess, thanks so much.

Doojie said...

Shell, you cannot imagine the candy store I'm working in!!! Codes? Hadn't thought of it, do I use my powers for good or evil? You know which way I naturally lean so give me some suggestions for good...or is the Navy using you to lure me?...I've always wanted to be a spy. You've had a lot of heavy hitters visiting, hope your house has been clean! Go Navy!