Friday, January 25, 2008

Catching Up From Way Behind

A couple of weeks ago I was doing a drop off at Goodwill (GW Boutique according to Nene) when I spied the above perfectly good shelf unit sitting next to the dumpster. I went over to investigate then back up and tilt in. It didn't look as perty as it does here as it was just your generic plastic wood bookcase with only the stationary shelves intact. I tilted it into the house and gave it a splash of cream paint and voila! Then I took it to The Pink Cabbage, forced Nene to put one of my dressers in her space, and began a major musical chairs spruce. I've always used my real estate to the hilt but when, a few weeks ago, I discovered a woman in the doorway of my room leaning over with her head between her knees and she explained that she had gotten dizzy from claustrophobia when she entered my room, I felt really bad. Stuffing is one thing but stuffing and tunneling is not for everyone. So, that's when I started my obsessive cycle of sprucege.
My mamma's monkeys chillin' in the stroller...they say, "Hey, dude, come in and see us!".

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