Friday, January 25, 2008

Fun Things that Get Me through the Day

I have pretty good survivor skills. I have a terribly stressful day, I buy a pink feather wreath, hook it onto a wonderful green metal bird hook (both from The Pink Cabbage) then add an INCREDIBLE piece of collage art by Paper Cat Designs which I "stole" from her on eBay (when time permits THAT story will be told), and bottomed off with a sweet pink heart from Bayberry Cove then voila! you've really got something to hold on to! Just so you don't get the wrong impression, I'm not a constant consumer. I buy quite a few art supplies with the money I make after shop rent, etc., but I'm not the "bored housewife shopper" that some of my posts might allude to. I don't want to be obtuse or a tease but last week ended badly and I was unhinged. I'm just sharing this because when things return to somewhat stable that's usually when I collapse and then I look to those wreaths with beautiful fairys to remind me that there are fun, perky things around for me to look at instead of focusing on the negative. That's what I hope my art does, that's one main reason I do it...hopefully to keep someone a little more up when things are down.
Above and below are a couple of little items I picked up at P.C. today for less than a venti frappachino each. Above is a cup and saucer glued together pretty flowers coming out of it. It can be layed down flat, propped up straight or, as I did, hung by a (too long a story for now) pretty ribbon. Below, the little pink rose topiary, also from The Pink Cabbage (gag me with a spoon yet?) I had to embellish (well I didn't HAVE to but I have a hard time leaving things alone) with an Amy Powers paper flower, a Mel Lobdell fancied-up optician's lense, and a black and white of a brother and sister in the back yard.
Take my word, skip Starbuck's just a couple days a week and you too can have these permanent perk-ups in your world too. And count your blessings every moment you have them.

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