Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Latest Creations

All those magazines I read last week while I was sick filled my head with so many ideas that I was back in my work room as soon as I had the chance. I didn't grind out a load of stuff but spent real time on each piece. Here are some that I installed at The Pink Cabbage this morning:

It says on the collage, "Drella was given three wishes to which she replied, 'Paris, Paris, Paris'."

Close up of Drella and the interior of the nicho. Drella is only a little over an inch and made of paper. She's got her suitcase with her and a compass...just in case. One of the two nest I put together. The "egg" is an antique wood sock darner that's in an egg shape. I've had it for years; it's one of those things that I just know something perfect will come up for it; I thought this was the perfect thing and time. Rolled in glitter and snug in a dressed up nest, it's ready for spring and Easter. Another nest, this one with a glittery bird. We've had weather in the 60's and 70's this week and between that and the fact I hate winter I've had spring fever and am just acting as though we are going full throttle into spring when I know our real winter and snow are yet to come. Then when I had my clean out in my work room recently I found these maroon Scrabble letters and had to do something. This one above has a Stacey Bear button card added to the lettering. This one is pretty obvious. I love this photo and it seemed to be waiting for this vignette. And this extra fancy tag art. Pillow and photo not included. I hope you've enjoyed, I'm sure I'll have more to share again soon.

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