Sunday, January 6, 2008

Productive Sick Days

I've was sick most of last week. I caught a cold that went straight to my chest~URI~lovely coughing. I felt so bad on Sunday I just slept all day but was just better enough on Monday to go through a big stack of long-awaited magazines. Below is the "save the best for last" stack. Yum. By Tuesday I was even better enough to do some "sitting down, low-impact" art making. Below are examples of what I made to get a partial cure of my often-for-some-reason obsession with tag/bookmark art.
Hey if JoAnn's can put out their Valentine/Easter items before Thanksgiving, is it wrong for me to get some Valentine inspiration in January? Well, shucks, I just went off and did it anyway...
...partly because I've had these antique Valentines for years and had just recently decided what I wanted to do with them and it was time. Come see 'em in person at The Pink Cabbage! Now that I'm really feeling better there's no telling what's coming up! Actually I've got a lot of ideas rattling around up there from late. I promise to share.


Anonymous said...

Hey you little scamp...look at you go!

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Gasp, sigh, drool!!! Beautiful work my friend!!! xo-Mel