Friday, April 25, 2008

Fun Car

When I came out of Lowe's the other day this little guy was parked next to me. I'd never seen one before. I was on the cell with Lucas and he said he'd seen them all over Europe but never in the U.S., it's not a maroon pickup after all. It had its little lid open and I snapped the photos, peeked all around, then snuck back into my car.
A minute later there were several other folks surrounding the car and doing the same that I'd been embarrassed about. I got back out and got some questions answered and got to discuss it with fun people. The owner didn't show up the whole time; probably hiding near the exit door until we left.
No surprise about the name, it probably get 120 miles to the gallon, but it was too cute to not photograph or post about.


Babsarella said...

SQUEEEE!!! I TOTALLY LOVE this cute little car and if I didn't already have a miata, I would SO get one! It is just about the cutest thing and they built a dealership close to my house (so I can drive by and dream about owning one). I have started seeing them around and I agree, they must do super on the gas. If the price of gas keeps on creepin up and up, I think we may start seeing a lot more of them!

Doojie said...

Yep, I just saw another one today, a red one, but didn't get a chance to photo-op it.

Anonymous said...

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