Friday, April 25, 2008

Saying Good-Bye to Uncle Allen

Uncle Allen, dependable as you can get. He came when the family first moved here two years ago because Cedric had to go to Iraq then he came back in November when Cedric went back. He's Cedric's younger brother and has stepped up to the plate with a jump every time Cedric has needed him. He has been a substitute mother and father whenever asked. Here's Matt, Allen, and C.J. mugging it up. Allen has been the only other person my age to be at home during the day since we moved in 11 years ago. I told him he's the only other housewife in the neighborhood. We've become good friends and it has been so nice to know the street's not empty and that there's someone to hang out with between laundry and dinnertime and whatever. And on the weekends he's been Justin's hangout buddy.
Here's the first of two "herding the cats" attempt of taking a real photo of the group. From left: Cedric, Andre', Matt, Allen, Alec, and C.J.
They behaved slightly better for this one but it warmed my heart when Cedric said something about me taking family photos because I'd been thinking the same thing while I was taking them. They are the neighbors we have always dreamed of-just like family.
Justin, Allen, and Daniel. We had the family over a couple of nights ago as a good-bye dinner out on the deck. The tamer of the group went inside at dark to watch Lord of the Rings while us wilder ones stayed out with our Natty Boes and talked trash until the bigger numbers on the clock came around. And on a school night! You can probably get an idea of how much attitude Uncle Allen has by this photo; he's a riot and a pillar all at once. We miss you dearly already. Don't even ask me about when the rest of the family goes back to Georgia...

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