Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just went you think it's safe...

...that you'd heard all you had to about my front porch, well sorry. I went to the shop (The Pink Cabbage) to take things to, you know, sell and sitting there on the porch was this little devil tempting me. I just don't have that kind of strength; once a piece "speaks" to me that's it.
Even with my current combo platter of a cold, strep, and a migraine, I managed to drag out the step ladder and pop that puppy up there and get some flowers in it. Dare I say that there is plenty going on out there now? Who knew that just spackling and repainting the floor of the porch would make me so head over heels again for it?, not me. I still lay some blame on this late spring.
This is one of my drop-offs to sell. I know it's grainy but the best I could do in the light. I could have used any old photo or illustration for this ditty but nooooooooooooooo, I used a picture of my mom as a little girl. It's just that I fooled with it so much it's hard to get any recognition but really cute. It says, "eat cup cakes often", and is hung by a sweet pink and green stretchy necklace.
The cute little lamp that Mellie passed on to me and I dressed up a new shade for...
...not that I can lay claim to many original ideas and this one is no exception. I saw a photo idea of this somewhere recently and came upon these antique lamps today. I can rewire lamps easily but I loved the idea of using them as candlesticks instead. And I've had these Ana's Candles candles left over for a while and been wanting to use them, so, great marriage I think.
Another of my collage necklaces, this one a Paris theme with a little Fleur De Li's attached. That's it for now other than pondering what I can get away with on Mother's Day and looking forward to going to Philly for the first time with Matt's fifth grade class on Friday...stay tuned!

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