Thursday, May 8, 2008

Math Question

I always hated those math problems in school that were word questions such as, "If Billy gets on a train to Chicago going 60 miles per hour...". I stunk at them. Sorry but I have to ask one of those questions of you now. If a 50 year old woman boards a bus full of 5th graders for a 12 hour round trip to Philadelphia from Baltimore how much Xanax should she plan to take? Anyone? Stumped, right? Well, the answer is, a whole bottle...just in case. Got ya'!!! Now that's "take with her" not "take" as ingest. Seriously, tomorrow is the annual 5th grade trip for Matt's school that Howard County takes each year. I didn't get to go with Justin when he went because Matt was just a baby. So I've never, ever been to Philly and I'm excited and so is Matt, of course. I'm mostly packing magazines and crossword puzzles and hoping the teachers and other chaperones aren't planning to sit/bond with me...I'm thinking "time out for Mommy". I'm sure I'm trippin'. But still excited. Don't you worry, I'll be blogging the party pics as soon as I can. Oh boy!

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