Sunday, May 11, 2008

Trip to Philly

Well it turned out that I didn't need as many meds as I was worried about, the trip was really great in some ways and was really a bust in others. I had been thinking bumping up and down in a yellow bus 4 hours each way when in fact it was one of those luxury tour buses that have a potty inside and video screens. Here's Matt and my other charge, Da Quan across the isle from me. I shared my side with (you can see his eyebrow here) Oliver. I narrowly missed being seated with The Mom from Hell. We were in the second row and she was further back and seated with an adult man. She said it was too tight and she needed to be further up. I used Oliver by saying that he had moved up to where we were so he could sit with the boys instead of in the middle of all girl. It worked! My plan went off without a hitch. I read my Marthas and did cross word puzzles and even had a little nap.
No one tried to bother me a bit. The kids watch viddies and played with their electronic whatsits.
Philly is a beautiful city so full of history and fab old architecture. Little note here: I accidentally deleted all the pictures from the first half of the trip which was the bust part because it was a WALKING tour and it was POURING RAIN THE WHOLE TIME. I did have some cool photos of our umbrella tents where we had huge clusters of umbrellas altogether to form a tent. We had arrive a little late because of the rain traffic so we had to rush through several of the neat stuff. And some of the neat stuff we only got to see half of because of rushing. We waited in line outside for 40 minutes in the, yes, pouring rain to see the liberty bell then had to leave right before getting in as we had to meet the buses at 1:00 to go to The Franklin Institute for lunch and the other half of the tour. We missed the bus tour part because, as our tour guide informed us, a police officer had been killed in the line that week and the funeral was occurring so we were detoured away from the historic area because of that. I did enjoy seeing all the brownstones and, of course (because every time I go pretty much anywhere), I decided we should move there.
After lunching in the cafeteria at The Franklin Institute we were on our own to explore all three floors. Still during the "deleted photo series" the guys got to do space shuttle simulation, touch a 50,000 year old meteor, see a Lego model of Philadelphia, see how a full sized train engine operates, and so much more.
This is a model of The Institute.
While the guys went inside here, I finally sat down, discovered that I had accidentally deleted all the previous photos, and worked on my camera until it was back to working order.
They discovered all sorts of aspects of air movement and flight.
Camera still not back to complete normal, this was the best I could get of the beautiful, four story pendulum in the middle of the building.
As our time was nearing the end, we finally found the most popular spot, the sports area. Lots of simulations; surfing, rock climbing, racing, professional pitching, etc. It was a little wild in there so I thought we'd gotten there just in time. We still had almost an hour in there.
All in all it was a great trip but not exactly what we were expecting or what we went there to see. So, darn, we'll just have to go back again soon!

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