Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mine and Matt's Big Adventure

Since Matt and I didn't go to Switzerland with Paul we decided to go on our own micro adventure the other evening. Actually it was supposed to be a show house errand but the store I was going to at Towson Mall, but the store was no longer there. So, to ease the wounds of driving so far for "nothing", we popped into Anthropologie! What a sword to have to fall on...
...Matt rearranged the letters to read sweet?!
In between saying, "When are we leaving this store?", he found a great book to have fun looking at. I had originally lured him into going with me (he always wants to stay with Alec instead of going on errands-imagine!) by telling him we'd go to the Rain Forest Cafe which we hadn't been to in several years. It worked immediately. But first we did the "boring" stuff then the adventurous...
...we'd forgotten how fun it is to go there, the thunderstorms and all the animals that move when you get near them. The scary part for us was what I chose to eat. Shrimp stuffed with crab meat, wrapped in bacon, fried, and served with three cheese sauce. So yummy and scary at the same time!
Matt and his super sized Icee.
My fave fish, the one with the polka dots, of course.
Matt did battle and won against a wild croc and...
...python. And I survived the battle of the traffic. We really did feel like we'd had a mini-vacation when we returned home after too many "have to's" over the week. It was great fun and relaxation in a little window of time. And we didn't have to go all the way to Switzerland to get it!

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