Monday, June 16, 2008

Thank you Tina for a great Cowgirl Swap!!!

I'm embarrassed to say that Tina had to email and ask me if I'd gotten the box she'd sent me with the Cowgirl Swap goodies. It came last week right in the middle of when I was gearing up for way too much stuff, from which I've not yet recovered, by the way. But I'm pressing on and here's the goodness...
...right straight to my heart where lies the great state of Texas, the state of my birth. Check out the postcard in the background, so Texas kitchy..."Oh So Big"!
The 3-D cowgirl and all manner of cowgirl accessories, how fab is this??!!
PLUS the cowgirl lettered banner (necklace for me) and ATC...
...and the wonderful charm attached. What a fun box to receive, thanks sooooooooo much Tina!!!!

1 comment:

Tina said...

yea!! glad you liked it all and it's in good hands :) Thanks for swapping with me~