Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yahooooo, I'm going to the DC Big Flea!!!!

The DC Big Flea!!!! Gosh it's been over a year since we did our last Big Flea. In fact it was the one show they did in Fredericksburg, VA. I guess it was a little too traumatic for us. It was in February and Karen and I had to go down a night early to try to beat the sleet and snow. Loading in for the show was awful, in the sleet and snow and no heat in the building and it was freezing. It was the first show at a new conference center and I think the customers were thinking knives, big bags of $1 socks, t-shirts, and whatnot. It was a long, hard, not-too-fruitful show. It put us all off the idea of doing a show for a while and then one thing after another seems to have come around and here it's been over a year. I got it into my brilliant head recently that I should do it. I hope I'm not wrong. This is the first time I've done it alone but I've got some stuff I'm hoping folks will be interested in plus since we haven't been there for a while hopefully our good customers will be champing at the bit to grab some goodies. It's a good thing we don't go just for the money; we have a great social network there-great. It's so much work, so hard, but we always have so much fun at night that it's worth it. It's like any other travelling groups; the circus, gypsies, etc., there is a great cast of characters. Don't worry, I'll take photos and let you know all about it!

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