Saturday, November 15, 2008


You know there are just handful of days in your life that are beyond your wildest imagination; most of them you know beforehand that they are going to be great like your graduation, wedding, having babies, playing Pebble Beach, etc. And most of those days or occasions are made sweeter by the wait and anticipation for maybe even most of your life. This was one of those days that I'd been waiting 25 years for. My oldest son, Lucas, is turning 25 next month and when I was pregnant I decorated his nursery with framed Mary Engelbreit cards. I have loved her art and through her books and magazine and time, have loved her for that long. Today I got not only to see her, sit at the table next to hers at the luncheon, but afterwards she signed things that all of her fans brought with them and took photos with them. Here's one of mine.
Of course the normal folks showed proper respect and reverence toward her and knelt next to her and calmly had their photos taken. You know that's not either my category or style. I leaned my head on her shoulder which was tame as I had threatened my friends with kissing her on the mouth (like I did Clint Eastwood).
I did on a whim however, follow through with my threat to kiss her on the cheek then, here I am whispering in her ear my heartfelt thanks for the blessing of her wonderful art and the beauty she had brought to my life for 25 years. She was very sweet; I think the fact that she could see the tears in my eyes showed her that I was completely sincere and my words had come from deep in my heart.
I know that I am way behind on my trip blogging but I had to post this right away while it's still so fresh and wonderful and amazing. There are many other great stories and photos I'll have to share from the last almost two weeks so stay tuned...this might have been the cherry on top but there are many, many cup cake stories and pics to share as soon as I can.


Vintage Sue said...

Even though she's rich, famous, and has her own magazine, she still probably loves it that someone so heartfeltedly GETS her. Good for you!

Do tell about all your adventures at Silver Bella!


Sadie said...

Stephanie! I found you! I was your neighbor at the Vendor fair--LolliShops.
It was a pleasure to meet you!
I love that picture of the two of you...

Colleen said...

That is such a sweet story. So glad you got to meet someone that has touched your heart and life. More Silver Bella pictures pleeeze.

Kara Ward said...

I am still loving my glorious cupcake you made me. I put her on my blog. She is just too pretty and I am glad I can't eat her or I would. LOL. She has a new home in a small, pink bird cage. I will always treasure your work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Kara Ward

Maya Perez said...

Holy Cow!!!!! I have so many memories growing up in your house and most of them include visions of Mary Englebright. Did I spell her name right? How exciting for you!!!

Doojies said...

It's great to hear from you all. Maya, I love what you said about remembering her being part of our family life for most of your 27 years! I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers for once! Sadie, you'll be hearing from me soon. Kara, yours is on my kitchen "island". I promise you all and others who check but don't comment that I'll get around to it soon. I did edit all my pics tonight and will start blogging, hopefully, tomorrow. Thanks for checking in. Love and hugs, Stephanie