Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Okay, so the rundown on the last really long week was birthday party on Saturday followed immediately with swimming at the community pool the rest of the day. Soon after, Momma's gettin' ready for Strawberry Days at The Pink Cabbage.
Oh boy, was it fun! And very successful! We are proud to support The American Cancer Society and that our customers do too!
Fab foodies too!!!!
And somehow during the time I'm trying to get all these things ready I find time to paint the front doors AGAIN. They were so week-before-last. I really heart them this time.
It had been even too much color for me. Maybe I'll go back to it in the fall when we need color more but for now I'm happy with Honey Dew.
And pretending to catch fish is all I had time for but the vignette changes a little each day. It relaxes me to play with my porch and flowers.
Even some items that couldn't fit in the new, much smaller (ha!) Doojies have to be put to use whenever possible like the planter lamp on the porch.
Voila!!!! Here is my-from-over 100-square feet-space-to-my-10-square foot property! Several folks have been very complimentary on how it looks. This was in one day. Out of big space, into new space, garage full, check, full circle. I did press Fran and when I asked her if it looked like it had been vandalized she giggled. I'll work on it when I get back from...
...Outdoor Ed. Three days of camping with the sixth graders from Matt's school starting tomorrow. Camping in screened in cabins, now that is what I call camping; I can't wait...
...I think it's been two weeks since I had a day off and a week since I've had a night or day off so this is probably what we should expect to see late Friday... But, when I get back I'll have not only party pics from the camp out but I'll share pics from the last week. You're eyes will be rolling soon on...love and safety to all until then-S


Julia said...

Too much color? Are you kidding? I like the honeydew but I was so envious of the coral! How thick is your door getting from all the coats of paint? One day it will reach the edge of the porch.

This is something Chuck would say. To me, the person who paints it if it stands still long enough.


Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

You are wonder woman!!! Friday and Saturday were off the chart busy here and I crashed on Sunday. Totally forgot about Strawberry Days - which is killing me! Now off to Outdoor Ed! You'll have to let me know all about it! When are we going to get together?


PS - Your color choices always rock! I adored the coral but now adore the freshness of the honeydew! I can't wait to see what you choose next!

Doojies said...

It's funny that you two would say that; I'm usually "color" woman but it was just overwhelming for me and for some reason I needed fresh instead of impact. I will probably paint it coral again in the fall though. Paul said the exact same thing about the thickness of the door; safety first!!!!!