Sunday, August 16, 2009

Look what I found!!!

The best finds are the ones that are right at home. I knew that my great-grandfather's truck was in our small basement storage (remember, the rest is an apartment with kitchen and all for Art, Paul's dad and, most recently added, Paul's Uncle Robbie-more on that later). I was also hoping that's where the old train sets from Paul's family was located. We had not seen the train set box since we lived here, over 12 years, and feared that they had been lost in our move or since. So, the other day I went into that basement determined to find at least my great-grandfather's truck which I had spied while bringing up old family chairs to replace the ones we were using which were too big. I found the truck just fine, buried in the back, of course, and, with Paul's help, we got it out only reveal that the train box was just behind it. Buried at the very back of the storage. Oh boy!
The train cars are in the original boxes so I took a few out and placed some of the favorites I'd found here and there in the house. They are fantastic. We think there are at least 3 sets; one from Paul's grandmother, one from his dad, and one from him. I think they're all Lionel. As soon as we have some time-ha-we're going to get the whole, really big box out and unwrap and inventory all then we hope to get on Antiques Road Show and find out what they're worth. I don't get rid of heirlooms but it'd be fun to find out, to have them appraised, then probably insured.
Until then, they are just here...
...and there. I'm enjoying my great-granddad's trunk too!


Tina said...

super find and all homegrown, can't beat that with a stick!!! Looks fab!

Jill said...

What fun treasures!!! and what a delight to "find" them right at home!