Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whew, oh boy!!!!

We have waited soooooooo long to get rid of the rest of our carpet and replace it with wood. We only had carpet left upstairs and the stairs so this week we started on our quest to get that carpet out. We are doing a little construction in our master bedroom so we are waiting for that to occur before we do the last two bedrooms but we got this guest room done. I love how warm wood looks. I also love how good the floors look without pink paint, spilled Cokes, spilled red wine, animal vomit, poop, and pee, etc. Twelve years is too long with light carpet, at least for us.
Of course, since the furniture was already out, I had to move things around and shake things up. This is what I call "The Pimpmobile", you can obviously see why.
Little detail over the headboard.
A little fun with the bed adding the curtains to the poles and turned the bed for more room to walk around...a little bit.
A little fun with Great Grandma and Grandpa's wedding pic.
Above and below, out in the hallway. It's very narrow; the wood makes everything seem bigger.
And the stairs!!!!!!!!!!!!! The very worst of the lot. I was too embarrassed to take before pics but it was bad, we had to watch for the Health Dept. to drive up any minute. I'd given up on spot treating and professional cleaning for a few months and it was a science experiment all the way up and down. Now, ahhhhhhhhhh. Oh boy!

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