Monday, January 18, 2010


In the vein of loosing things, as in weight, I saw my first episode Hoarders today and yikes it scared me. I was never a hoarder until I became an artist and hoarding is part of being a collage artist. You see and buy something knowing you will have a use for it at some point in the future. Pretty soon you can't park in the garage and you have a work room that you can't walk into. This TV show scared me straight. I cleaned all the bathrooms and went through all the drawers and cabinets in them today. Got a pretty big bag of garbage, lots of past expiration meds and creams, etc. All that stuff that just gets piled up over time. It seems like I clean them out often but it must be a dream. The rhino is just proof that "I'm back" as in quirky Stephanie is back in the house. Yes I'm purging but this is one thing that I had to have from my fave store, Anthropologie, since it was a reasonable price and quite a statement. The boys hate it. It's paper mache' and covered with book pages-love it! Today started D-day-diet day. I've gained an undisclosed amount of weight in the last six months that has made me uncomfortable in clothes (well it IS winter). I'm trying to bannish the sweatpants. What is this coincidence of low-rise jeans and my muffin top? How rude. So I'm going on a liquid diet for two weeks. I've got it all worked out. Heathy protein drink, cleansing pills, green tea pills, and the usual vitamins and meds. I need this-cookie dough is not good coming out of a blender. I know my limitations. And for the first time in my life I'm joining the gym. My doctor gave my number to the lady at the gym so hiding is out of the question now, wish me luck.

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Julia said...

I'd change doctors....and my phone number.

xoxo, Julia