Thursday, May 20, 2010

I think it's safe to say...

...that the cloud has pretty much lifted.  This is the first day that I have dared to say that since December.  And here's one process which gave me reason to believe that I'm better.  Last summer I painted the outside of the french doors leading to our deck.  As you can see, or rather not see (it's not a great color translation), is that it was a deep terra cotta and dark sage.  I don't know.  What was supposed to be so great about these doors is that the grids unscrew and you just pop them off, paint them and wash the windows, then pop them back on.  I did it a few years ago but with the original almond color.  This time things didn't go as well.  The grids, being thin plastic, had gotten much older and very brittle and mostly broke apart.  Paul and I put them back together as you see here but one little push and the 1/4" thick glass would have fallen out.  To keep myself from worrying so much I finally duct taped the grids on and it helped a little but was definitely not burglar proof.  I pestered Paul about getting it replaced for, obviously, months.  Today was finally the day we got our new door put in!!!
Here's the work in progress WIDE open to the world-the dog thought it was perfect.

I had moved some things out of the way so the guy could work easily and so things would not get broken.  When I was cleaning and put things back together when he was finished and I started to notice the little things that I hadn't appreciated in a while.  I've had these things for a long time but haven't had any interest in enjoying them.  I really started enjoying the beauty of the cup and saucer, the shells, and the crude shelf they are on.

Below the shelf on the radiator (non-working, just decorative) is a cloche with the above photo wired onto the top, love the photo.

Inside the cloche are the dishes from my tea party play set as a child-very precious to me.  That's when it occurred to me that the cloud may have really lifted as I was able to fully enjoy them for the reason they are there for-to make me smile and feel happy.  Wow, it felt so good to feel that way again.   There were weeks I worried that I'd never feel that again.  Whew.
After.  The new sliding glass door.  Not as pretty, in my opinion, as the french doors but they do have the little blinds inside them that the guys love because I can't fiddle around with them.  Nope, not a second thought about dinner.

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