Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long Time No Rock

Every so often, especially when I was doing the DC Big Flea market, a "fan" would come around.  Mellie and I used to love it when people would recognize our art from a magazine or store or just from previously shopping with us.  I've also met and then gotten to be friends with some of my own idols.  So when I was in one of my fave shops yesterday the woman working there and I got to talking.  It took quite a while to make the circle but eventually she said, "and I just recently discovered The Pink Cabbage.".  When I told her I had a little shop there she asked what kind of stuff I have.  Eventually we got to, "ARE YOU DOOJIE FROM DOOJIES??!!!".  Hand on her heart and gushing about how much she loves my art, how much she's bought in the past, and she just bought some at the shop last week, I got the full treatment.  It had been a long time since that had happened and it felt good.  It's not only a little ego zing but also a good motivator.  And it turns out she knows where all the cool places are in Hampden/Baltimore and wants to give me a good tour.  A new friend.  Thanks so much Anna!

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