Monday, May 17, 2010

Trippin' in Texas

So as soon as the plane lands I get out of the gate and go straight to, yes, Schlotzsky's.  The first one was in my hometown (Bryan) and as a teen grew up on them.  There was one near here in Chevy Chase that I went to a couple of times a year but they've closed down.  So whenever I'm in Texas it's on my "to do" list.  When I left the airport I drove to Justin's work, Maaco.  I was so excited to see him and distracted by meeting his co-workers that I forgot to take a photo but it would be here if I'd remembered.

Straight from Austin I went to Becky's house, got settled in and  got ahold of the kids (Lucas and Kristen).  It didn't take us long at all to land in the Dixie Chicken for dinner and some pool and Shiner 'til it was ready.  Had to go at least once during the trip so a Wednesday night when it's quiet was perfect.

Thursday was a special luncheon at Becky's mom's, Peggy's, home.  I hadn't seen Peggy in many years; it was great to see her and her beautiful home.  We were joined by Becky's brother, Sam; their nephew's girlfriend, Marilyn; Peggy's caregiver, Berta; and her meal preparer, Cindy.  What a fun group.  What didn't hurt either was the menu that Becky had requested: fried chicken, green beans, squash, cucumber salad, bread, AND banana pudding for dessert!  Wow, the food, company, and conversation were fabulous. 

Becky had booked manicures and pedicures for us on Friday, the day of our reunion party.  What a great place it was; beautiful decor', mimosas, special tea punch, and plates with cookies, fruit, cheese, and crackers.  They knew how to treat a customer!

Becky having her toes done...

...the sweet girl doing my toes.  We came out looking a feeling like a million bucks.

So, on with the reunion!  We parked behind the church where I grew up and Becky insisted that I take this cool photo of the back of the church showing the cross between the two spires.  I love my church.

By the time we got to The Village Cafe the kids had already gotten there including Justin having driven in from Austin.  Lucas, Kristen, Becky, and Justin waiting for our food to arrive before the party officially started.

Well on our way...Cindy, Becky, and Cathy.

No one would have guessed that these two would be in a room together much less have so much in common.  Pat Bond is my son Lucas' boss's best friend.  They had a great time together and Pat's wife, Cathy, told me on Facebook that Pat really wants dreds now!  Pat and I made out once in junior high...I love to tell that story because his wife was there but with someone else so I like to kid her that I "had" him first.  And now he and my son are buddies!  I love small world stuff.

The star of our class that night, Greg Phelps, setting up before the band started.

Nancy, Pat, Cindy, and Pam.  Pat's got it figured out!

Cathy (Pat's wife), Greg, and Cindy.

Many of us dancing our butts off, Rhonda in white in the middle.

Had to get my party pic with the lead guitarist.

John and me.  John being my stalkee since 7th grade.  He was kind enough not to call in the restraining order that night.  He's been a police officer and now is part of homeland security so I guess he's not so jumpy about me now.

Bill and me.  Bill was the kid brother of a high school friend of mine; I spent a lot of time at his home with his family but...too long of a story...I've been out of touch with his sister and Bill and I are bff's now.  What a sweetheart he is.  We also grew up in church together.  What a fun, kooky family they were; five kids and instead of having a station wagon (too long ago for mini-vans) they had a limo to carry around the family.  We had some fun times having Bill drive us to the grocery store and come around and open the door for us in front of the store. 

So after the reunion party Becky was still rarring to go.  She was determined that we go to the gay bar and see the drag show that night.  IN BRYAN, TEXAS.  Unbelievable.

I was so glad she drug me there because it was a hoot and a half.  So worth the overload of smoke, loud music, and sardined into a crowd.  So surreal for my sweet little hometown.

Saturday the kids came over to Becky's and we grilled and chilled and reminessed.

Justin, the grill master.  Fun night.

Had to take this photo of what I saw while driving down the road...Texans will grill anywhere anytime.
Mother's Day with the two of my three sons I never get to spend Mother's Day with.

The beautiful flowers my sweet kids gave me.

This is not where we had Mother's Day breakfast but it was the reason that Kristen had a hard time eating hers just thinking about the name.  I'm sorry, but Fuzzy, don't you think a name change is in order?  Fuzzy tacos, I don't think so.

This, however, is where we ate breakfast.  If you're not from Bryan/College Station, Texas then you have never eaten the best donuts in the world.  Shipley donuts are what Krispy Kremes wish they could be.  YUM.

Monday morning and I'm getting ready to leave town and there are two things I haven't checked off my list.  So, in addition to hitting Hobby Lobby, I got my Chocolate Strawberry Jamba Juice and...

...and my Whataburger and I was happy.  Totally successful and wonderful!!!!!!


Julia said...

You look great....and I can't stand that I wasn't there. Just horrible timing for us. I know the music must have been great....'cause of all the dancing in the pictures.

When's the next trip planned?

Ciara Gold said...

Wow, looks like all of you had so much fun. Wish I'd been there, but I was under deadline for Flair. I worked until midnight trying to get it ready and then partially on Sunday, but it's at the printers now.

Next time, I'll plan better.

Jami (the only google acct I have is for my pen. LOL)