Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yee Haw, Texas Again!

I know I have been oh so bad about my blogging habits of late.  During our blizzard I got addicted to Facebook.  I found many, many friends from childhood and high school, downloaded photos from our yearbooks and such, and really kind of brought a whole bunch of all of us together, (literally) virtually, again.  Things took off and we were all getting to know each other again.  It was (for lack of new extreme adjective) wonderful.  After the high of that wore off things went a little south for me.  I guess it started with us taking in Paul's Uncle Robbie in August and trying our hearts out to keep him alive for three months but we lost him in late October.  Then we had the winter from...well, I'd say hell here but that just wouldn't make sense...I don't know where...Alaska, Fargo.  I've admitted here before that I have clinical depression but it's been under control for years with meds.  I guess too much of too much led my meds to fail.  So since January I've been on three different combos of meds; each time many very hard days to adjust or not.  It's just been in the last two or three weeks that I have started to feel somewhat normal.  In the meantime I've not been blogging or making much art or doing much of anything other than trying to keep things really level, quiet, and simple.  Part of depression is loosing interest in everything and I did except I was keeping as good a face on Facebook as I could and that's about it.  I was even freaked out about this trip to Texas which I used to set up an event where a whole lot of us from childhood/high school are getting together.  Well I've gotten over my willies and I am so excited about going and seeing all these wonderful people.  I think that Cindy and I go the farthest back being friends since we were four.  Soon after came the Elmendorf girls.  And then I get to stay with my fab bff, Becky.  And see my two older boys.  And, and, and!!! Anyway, I'm off to my hometown on Wednesday and when I get back I'm going to have a ton of photos and great tales to share.  So I've dusted myself off and I'm gettin' back on that horse...I think it's going to be one fun, wild ride.

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Maija said...

I haven't been able to get into Facebook so much. I like the more intimate posts I get from reading blogs, even though it takes so much more time!! Did you sign up for Silver Bella? Come be my friend on my blog and enter a giveaway!