Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh boy!!!!

Oh boy, fun day!!!!  This sofa was delivered February 14th, 1997.  I remember that because we had been in our house only a little over 2 months and I had waited none too patiently for this to come.  We also got a washer and dryer that day.  I had no complaints when Paul didn't give me a diamond tennis bracelet for Valentine's Day that year, I assure you.  I'd rather have a new sofa any day.  But that was 13 years ago and this thing was done-put a fork in it-oh wait, it had a fork in it somewhere.
Today this baby came.  The color is a little darker than it shows here but, yeah, I'm happy with it.  And, believe me, this is as close as any of the boys or animals will come to sitting on it.  Next up...our new bedroom furniture comes Thursday.  Please don't think I have blackmailed or killed Paul...these are legit purchases.  We have been using Paul's parents' furniture in our bedroom since we've been married except for the actual bed.  So, we are getting our own furniture.  The bed we have is one I just had to have.  It was a piece I was consigning in my shop and the consignee offered me a deal I couldn't pass up.  It is a beautiful, antique oak bed that had been retro-fitted to be a queen size and I painted it white to go with the other pieces in our room I had also painted white.  Well, as beautiful as the bed is, it has broken many times (which we have rectified) and makes...umm...lots of noise when...umm...just sat on gently.  Much as I love the way it looks I do have some practicality about me.   And yes, we bought a SET of furniture.  I called Janine in a panic when it came to me that we had little other choice.  I've barely bought two chairs that match much less a matching set of furniture!  She assured me that once I got all my plethora of crap onto the furniture it would be hard to tell it matched.  I had to agree.  This is going to be a much bigger deal as we have to move a lot of furniture from that room DOWN THE STAIRS including a big heavy mantel, big heavy dresser, and a big heavy bed.  I'll be sure and make it fun for y'all and just show the after photos.  Once again, stay tuned...

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Julia said...

Wow~! I love your new sofa. You should probably get a plastic slipcover for it....knowing what I know about dogs and family....they will all sit on it when you leave the room.