Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ode to Tina

Tina Wright.  I was going through some older issues of Somerset Magazines a couple of days ago and came across an article that Tina wrote, I think, in 2008, about the art in the first photo above.  I never met Tina in person.  I can't even remember how I got to find out about her Cowgirl Paper Swap, but that's when I first "met" Tina.  I was lucky enough to have gotten her, the hostess, as my swap partner.  I got a fabulous box full of wonderful and fun cowgirl themed collage art.  I have them all over my studio and some here and there in the house.  Later, I purchased the above necklace from her through her Etsy shop.  It is one of my favorite necklaces, and I have a lot, and I get constant compliments when I wear it.  Also, if you read what's on the back, it's very special because of that, also.  That was Tina.  By now you must have guessed that she is now in heaven.  Around this time last year she had been diagnosed with colon cancer and was being treated.  She passed away January 3, 2010.  She is the one who founded Paper Cowgirl art retreat in Waxahache, Texas.  She was also an Aggie, which y'all should know is very near and dear to my heart.  She would email me when she'd been to The Dixie Chicken and had eaten chicken fried steak and drunk Shiner Beer.  She loved making me squirm!!!!  As much as a person can get to know another, and that can be surprisingly a lot, through the inter net, I got to know her at least enough to get a good sense that she was a fabulous person.  Her friend, Cindy, continues the retreats which, from the photos, are great and I hope to attend some time.  I just felt moved to post this when I came across the photo and article.  She still lives on, even in lives she lightly touched, and I believe she will for a very long time.


cindy said...

Oh gurl! You bring a tear to my eye. Don't we just miss the heck outta her? I know I sure do. And I was lucky enough to get one of those pieces as well, and I treasure it.

Thanks for such a lovely post!


Doojies said...

Thanks Cindy! You have done a wonderful job taking over her legacy and you are so blessed to have known her so well. Ima git over there for a retreat one of these days-I promise! Hugs, S