Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making and Copying and Deja Vu

Yep, I definitely steal am inspired by ideas that I see in all the art and decorating magazines but this as a new record for how long it took me to knock this one off.  Not exactly rocket science, and it didn't hurt that I had all the items within my reach and could be found.
No shame, exact except I left a hotel key I had on the jar when I found it full of acorns.  Love it 'cause it's the robin's egg blue color jar which matches my bathroom perfectly.  Highly recommended!
Last Saturday I was in quite a funk for no particular reason (could have had something to do with Matt having gone back to school 4 days before he came home with strepand mono and I've kinda been waiting for some uninterupted time for six weeks.  So on Sunday I pulled up my bootstraps, put on my big girl panties, and headed to my work room.  I whipped up some stuff that I really enjoyed making.  I'd love to sell them (they're in the shop) but the therapy is in the making.  I used many things I've had hanging around for a while so that's double goodie...getting rid of stuff too.
This is a little put-together that I did today.  I got two of these easels of Wendy Addison's from Bayberry Cove.  Love them.  This one is in my bath with a beloved ATC from years ago that became unearthed on Sunday.
This is the deja vu.  A friend I haven't seen in years emailed me that she had some things she was cleaning out, furniture, and was giving me first right of refusal.  Free=Yes.  My other friend, Paul, picked up the pieces for me so he could make some minor repairs.  When I went to his shop today to pick up some of the pieces I found the above in a strange basket outside.  Post traumatic art syndrome.  I made this maaaaaany years ago and it was fun to have it come around again.  It'd had a different pin on it, and I had never found a really good spot for this fab pin, so it got an update and is staying with me for a while this time.  Next up, I'm working on my workroom/studio again.  I had it pretty cleaned up a couple of weeks ago but still have boxes that I never unpacked when I changed rooms and I'm back to the point where I can't find anything anymore when I need it.  N0-fun-creativity.  I'm kinda hoping that I might get it so clean/good looking that I submit it to one of the studio mags.  Guess what?  Stay tuned...


Mippie said...

I adore all of your sweet art-ables... But that's not any surprise, is it? The mason jar is fun, fun, fun! And poor Matt! Is he feeling better? I totally get how that threw you into a funk... Been there for sure! I'm dying from lack of coffee-just sayin'! xo

Bethany said...

You make such beautiful things! :) Is your son feeling better?