Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fabulous birthday fun!

Janine had the wonderful idea for her, her daughter Heidi, and I to go to the open house at Lucketts.  Lucketts is a tiny spot just north of great Leesburg, Virginia.  The drive is beautiful especially right now while the leaves are changing colors.  There is Luckett's General Store which is open all the time and oh so amazing to go to anytime.  The open house, though, is only open once or twice a year and last weekend it was for Christmas.  It was all decked out in delectable things for purchase.  I was pretty restrained but not stupid.  Enjoy it from here and, perhaps, you'll come and see it in person next year.

Janine (Nene), my birthday twin and her daughter, Heidi in front of the Luckett's store.
Is there anywhere where cowboy hats aren't popular and fit in perfectly with fab decor'?

Both the chandelier and Heidi are even more beautiful in person.

Here's the fab standing paper lamp that I soooooo wanted.  Paul should be very happy and proud that I didn't spend the $350 on it.  Crazy, I know, but it spoke to me, saying, "Take me home and love me.".  I was strong.

Pink couch...fits in anywhere.

Didn't get the shoe lamp either...I told you-great restraint.

I'll remind you next year ahead of time.  Not to be missed.

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