Thursday, December 9, 2010

Been doin', gonna do...

I've been combating cold weather by making more art recently.  Not that I need a reason but it's great excuse.   I got the inspiration from the holy grail of inspiration Inspire Company and Amy's wonderful FREE magazine with many, many pages of, well, inspiration.   As usually happens when I'm trying to make something like someone else, I got my own spin going on it.
These were fun and I took my time making them since I was doing it completely differently than the tutorial.
This one is a little hard to see as the Frozen Charlotte is very pale but cute.
And a re-worked piece I've had around that needed more fun.  I was really busy last week making new things for our open house at The Pink Cabbage on Sunday (wildly successful!) but didn't have the time to take photos.  If they haven't sold, I'll add the photos here.
Above is going to be my view for the next couple of days.  I'm finally going to get around to listing all the fab things I have from Paul's aunt and uncle's estate on eBay.  I did a few a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn't the really good stuff.  Today I spent quite a bit of time hand washing many beautiful vintage aprons.  Between those and the vintage jewelry, purses, and furs, I hope to make some extra Christmas money by providing gifts for others.   It's time consuming so I'll have eBay butt, but with cute slippers and that t.v. will be on.
Also, in the meantime, I've been starting to decorate for Christmas a little at a time.  It's "my" year to decorate as I please, which usually means I take out the white faux tree and pink ornys, but not this year.  Above is the railing on the stairway and... 
...and this beautiful wreath that was supposed to go on the front door but it's been too windy so it goes inside so we can enjoy it.
So this is the look I'm going for with the tree.  So far all I have is the Pottery Barn Happy Holiday banners.   I'm thinking white lights and some crystal/alphabet ball ornaments.  Very simple and classy?  Now Paul just needs to find a tree exactly like this...

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